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On the tenth anniversary of the Museo del Novecento, the Milan city Council launched a competition for its extension. The museum is currently housed inside the Primo Arengario and the project would convert the Secondo Arengario into an additional museum space, connecting it to the existing exhibition halls of the Primo Arengario in order to create a single large complex dedicated to modern and contemporary art.

The project of Lissoni Casal Ribeiro starts from the most important place, the point of access. This is currently hidden and difficult to identify and the idea therefore is to modify it, revealing it to the city with a gesture that unites the two buildings without interrupting the visual axis or the urban circulation: a central entrance that is easy to access for residents and tourists, adults and children, a meeting place where the life of the city flows but which can also serve as a "cradle" for moments of reflection.
The entrance becomes a square within the square, a venue for events, performances, sharing, a place to enjoy views of the Duomo or the nearby Piazza Diaz, where one can discover temporary art installations and imagine from outside the Museum the atmosphere that is hidden inside.
This amphitheater-shaped square is like an incision, a groove that reveals the solid foundations of the two Arengari, bringing the structure to light. A stage of 100 square meters: 100 years, 100 meters, a perfect square. It is a square that is always in movement, capable of intriguing and changing in response to the rhythm.

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