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Almanac N.2 The Explorer

The second chapter of the special project by Lissoni Graphx for the Sanlorenzo Almanac focuses on the Explorer, the superyacht that knows no limits. This artbook for yacht owners examines the theme of exploration through the eyes of four photographers, each with very different styles - Andrea Garuti, Niv Rozemberg, Bastiaan Woudt and Giovanna Silva. The reader is taken on an imagined but possible voyage around the globe, passing through different cultures and taking in Reykjavík, Havana, Cape Town, Bali and New York along the way. The photos are accompanied by maps drawn by Lucia Disanza and stories by Massimo Scotti for each of the places featured. The photos of the Explorer models are by Guillaume Plisson.

Almanac N.1 Voyage

Travel and art come together in this special project for Sanlorenzo Yacht curated by Lissoni Graphx. Almanac is a collection of five small books dedicated to the theme of travel, written by Giovanna Zoboli and illustrated by five Italian artists: Sandro Fabbri, Giordano Poloni, Guido Scarabottolo, Antonio Marinoni and the photographer Silvano Pupella.

Piero Lissoni has been art director of Sanlorenzo since 2018, designing boat interiors, presentations for fairs and boat shows and communications tools. Lissoni Graphx develops the company’s creative strategy and corporate identity, from the initial concept to the realization of catalogues, invitations, website content and social networking, video productions and advertising campaigns, as well as the conception and organization of special events.

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