Dorothea Hotel
- Budapest

2016 - 2023
Fields of intervention: architecture, interior design
and landscape design

The main challenge was how to bring together three buildings with different histories and façades into one unifying project, and how to convert them into the complex structures of a hotel and residences while maintaining a proper balance between restoration and innovation. The roofs of the three buildings play an important role in the project, giving rise to a new rooftop floor that can be used by the hotel clients, apartment owners and the public alike to enjoy stunning views of the world heritage sites. It will also be the element of modern architecture that will unite the buildings street elevations, a contemporary design laid onto the historical façades demonstrating the modern approach that an international city such as Budapest can have. This modern architecture then carries over from the roof into the interior courtyard, connecting the three buildings with a large glass roof and transforming the space into a garden area that can be used all year round. The design is respectful of the local culture and heritage but is also forward looking, just as Budapest is steeped in history but evolving with a vision for the future.

2021 - The Plan Award - Honorable Mention
2023 - Portfolio Property Awards - Hotel Project of the Year

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