Private Villa
- Tel Aviv

2014 - 2017
Fields of intervention: architecture, interior design

Designed with Tehila Shelef Architects, this villa in the Middle East is an austere project that possesses a pronounced orthogonality. At first sight, it appears as a pavilion floating on water. Purposely simplified, the L-shaped volumetry is inspired by modern architecture and distinguished by walls with measured openings to the outside and extensive windows towards the garden.The terrain was designed to accommodate the house, which is protected from the outside with walls of cement incorporating windows of an essential architectural design, and open towards the inside with continuous glazing that faces the softer forms of the garden. The windows are protected by wood screens which move in response to the direction of the sunlight, alternating solids and voids like a musical score and offering protection from the light, while the architectural volumetry is recomposed in a vision of total purity.The pavilion extends over two floors, with a single double-height space, where Lissoni has designed a sculptural staircase in black steel, that connects the ground floor to the lower floor.

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Photographer - Amit Geron

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