- Piuma


"The name Piuma (feather) instantly suggests the product's main property. The Piuma is a chair moulded from a mixture of materials that lead to it weighing very little, just over 2 kilogrammes, and exceeding no more than 2 millimetres in thickness. Light as a feather, this seat is extraordinary to say the least in terms of structure, torsion and deformation. The closest thing to this chair's lightness and durability is, paradoxically, to use an evocative image, an eggshell. I embarked on this project with Kartell by looking at this incredible example given to us by nature. Thanks to its shape, an egg is extremely efficient. This was the inspiration behind the Piuma design, which came into being little by little, evolving through the moulding process. We needed a much larger and more powerful mould than normal; we needed time to precisely calibrate the mixture, to the nearest tenth of a gramme. In some ways, technology designed the chair. I just added the details". Piero Lissoni

2017 - Winner “Red Dot Award/ Best of the Best” Essen, Germany

Photographer - Simona Pesarini

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