- Case 5.0 Kitchen

2022 - 2023

"Case 5.0 was born in 2002 simply as the continuation of other projects that were in progress at the time. There were the workstations, we had had the experience of Latina, things had been happening that led us to technify the kitchen: so this is what Case 5.0 became, extremely pure and almost monumental blocks that moved the traditional kitchen towards the technical kitchen of a restaurant.

I was driven to reinterpret it because it's almost as if it had remained suspended over the years, but it was there. We knew we had to bring it back to life. It was as if it were frozen in time. The new version is distinguished by a new generation of materials, and technology also helped us a great deal. Case 5.0 brings together new materials, new ceramics that even allow us to put induction hobs underneath, and then nothing is visible. So it becomes a block of one single material, but always with this somewhat industrial aspect." Piero Lissoni

2024 Assolombarda Awards - Design Award

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