- Xilo

2016 - 2024

Xilo 2.0 gets its force from the perfect intensity of nature, and is defined through a balanced chromatic scale of four colors in a sequence from light to dark.

Xilo Tarsie is a reinterpretation of three geometric motifs of the woodworking tradition, reproduced through an inlay effect pattern in a delicate juxtaposition of different pale and dark tones.

Xilo 2.0 Cherry is an expansion of the Xilo 2.0 collection. Through an in-depth study of wood and its textures, Lissoni focuses his research on the identity of the material to restate its true nature and bring out its original identity while amplifying the aesthetic potential. 

Xilo Kakao was the missing member of the Xilo collection whose allure lies in the perfect intensity of nature. Its veining and shading reproduce Mother Nature's calibrated chromatic nuances and exalt the living material of wood by imitating its characteristics.

The North Light range is a branch of the Xilo collection whose strength is based on the perfect intensity of nature, expressed by a balanced chromatic scale. North Light features the reproduction of three types of wood: maple, silver fir and Scots pine. Grain can be straight or flamed. The maple is also available in a figured grain.

2016 - Winner “Best of Category - Finishes“ Archiproduct Design Award

Photographer - Federico Cedrone

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