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“Waffle is a radiator whose forms are perfect and technological but at the same time imperfect and natural. It is inspired by the perfect/imperfect form of the waffle. In fact, the name embodies the ‘secret’ of this project and the desire to create a heater that is delicate and silent but visibly present.
I thought of a splendid period in Italian art, that of kinetic art, allowing myself to be inspired by some of Enrico Castellani’s creations.
Waffle is realized in aluminium, which is a great deal more efficient, precise and intelligent. But I wanted to keep the look of a radiator in cast iron, here reinterpreted in the form, in the geometric lines and in the materials, and able to express an extraordinary materic power.” Piero Lissoni

2020 Iconc Award best of Best – Product

Photo courtesy of Antrax

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