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The L7 door is contemporary in its conception and use of materials and technologies, but classic in its appearance. The sliding version of L7 creates perfect solutions, tailored to define both domestic and workspaces. Punctuated by the lustrous lines of the frames, the glass surfaces are illuminated by beautiful hues and shades of colour.

The L7 Plus is the evolution of the L7 system. This variant is distinguished by the geometry of the aluminium strips on the surface, producing a design that is both clean and symmetrical.

The L7 Bi-folding represents a further evolution of the iconic L7 family. It retains the intangibility and lightness of the original collection, as well as the possibility of customizing the finishes in glass and aluminium.

The L7 Times is an evolution of L7 PLUS, its fixed and sliding partition panels feature a decoration on the bottom half of the glass door consisting of alternating vertical aluminium strips.

Photographer - Giuseppe Brancato, Sara Magni
Styling - Studio Salaris

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