- Art Basel

2018 - 2023

Sanlorenzo has been the global partner of Art Basel since 2018. As art director, Piero Lissoni, together with Lissoni Associati, curates the fit-outs for each edition, realizing evocative installations for the Collectors Lounge featuring the works of invited artists, while Lissoni Graphx curates the corporate identity, realizing the graphic design, invitations and the presentation booklet dedicated to the featured artists.

Art Basel, Basel 2023 / Casa Sanlorenzo, with photos by Andrea Garuti

Art Basel, Basel 2022 / "Tempo Piegato" by Arcangelo Sassolino

Art Basel, Basel 2021 / Artworks by the artist Emil Michael Klein

Art Basel, Basel 2019 / Homage to Piero Dorazio, a leading figure in the field of abstract art in Italy

Art Basel, Basel 2018 / Homage to Emilio Isgrò, one of Italy’s best-known contemporary artists

Photographers - Francesco Caredda, Jacopo Guastini, Thomas Pagani

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