- La Tavola degli Elementi


The exhibition is the result of close collaboration and creative understanding between Vittorio Alpi and Piero Lissoni,
the company's art director. The furniture takes inspiration from
the periodic table of elements as conceived by Dmitri Mendeleev, whose brilliant discovery was the reciprocal relationship between
all chemical elements. The design project shows two different viewpoints, both connoted by a strong attraction to what is a pillar of human knowledge.
Piero Lissoni's fascination with the existence of a precise combinatory system of primary elements behind all shapes and matter has given life to an abstract representation of this perfect mathematical language, by which a mysterious superior organisation determines with precision the world's beauty and complexity.
"To me, this was an invitation for creativity to meld with the seduction of an extreme ratio," says Lissoni. The result is a powerful play of finishes, volumes and related solids and voids, all taking up the diversity found in Mendeleev's periodic table.

Photographer - Santi Caleca

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