Piero Lissoni
- Environments


Published by Rizzoli and edited by Stefano Casciani, the book traces a hundred architecture, interior, product design, installation and graphics projects developed over a career spanning almost 40 years.

The title Environments was chosen to reflect the idea of a project - common to many of those presented - as an expression of new visions of the built environment attained through researching and inventing spaces and objects that are particularly mindful of the needs of users, manufacturers and constructors, but which also possess a particular expressive vocation that is close to the world of the plastic and visual arts.

The book was designed by Lissoni & Partners and clearly reflects the studio’s signature style, from the choice of packaging to the paper that alternates to differentiate the two inserts: one on product design, embellished with illustrations by Guido Scarabottolo, and another on graphic design.

“Actually, I didn’t want to make a book, but I imagined having to resolve a series of functional problems, such as how to stabilize a table (a book would be perfect), or how to make a base for a vase of flowers, an antique Chinese object or framed photographs. However, while I was at it, I also tried to add a bit of content, the bare minimum. In addition to the mentoring of Stefano Casciani and the texts he wrote, I tried to describe what we are: we are not architects, we are not designers, we are not graphic designers – we are a strange mix lying between humanism and maybe a dash of science.” - Piero Lissoni

Author and Editor: Stefano Casciani
Publisher: Rizzoli / Rizzoli New York
Pages: 480 pp.
Details: bodoniana binding with Favini Sumo boards and cover in black card and matte white canvas

Photos of the book - Francesco Caredda

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