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The project for the Sanlorenzo SX88 new crossover yacht comes from a simple idea: designing the interior as an open space. With its loft-living aesthetic and easy access to the sea, the boat boasts a breathtaking factor that could mark the beginning of a whole new genre. By using a totally innovative solution, Piero Lissoni re-interprets the nautical concept of space, to create some sort of wide, tall sea-loft, with no rigid separations between the internal parts, thanks to a flexible layout. With an open kitchen beside the dining room and near floor-to ceiling windows facing the sea, Lissoni’s style emerges almost in every element. Sofas, tables and other furniture, ranging from icons of great masters to objets trouvés, are all free-standing and can be rearranged at will, providing an elegant mix up with a domestic flavour.

2017 Winner of "Most avant-garde yacht", World Yacht trophie

Photographer - Tommaso Sartori

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