Living Divani Gallery
- Milan


Conceived as a place of pure abstraction that condenses the brand’s quintessential interpretation of beauty, the Livign Divani Gallery will be the brand's new Milanese outpost, adding to the exhibition space already present inside the Headquarters in Anzano del Parco, designed by Piero Lissoni in 2007. The Gallery will show installations in progress and becomes the new place to be visited in the city, offering an array of stimulating ideas not only to clients but also to passers-by and design lovers in general.
The interpretation of the space has been entrusted to Piero Lissoni, Art Director and principal designer of the brand, who has developed the general concept of the space and directed its set up.

“It isn’t a showroom, and neither is it a store or a gallery. It aims to be an almost theatrical space, a place for devising and enacting performances from time to time, just like in a theatre. It is born today entirely in metal and with neon lighting like in a museum, and it will be opened with this appearance. But later on, we will change the set design and present something different. It is a stage where we will portray Living Divani.” Piero Lissoni

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