Miscela d'Oro
- Messina

Fields of intervention: interior design, brand identity

The café/bar Miscela d’Oro is situated in the heart of Messina, in an area which has long been one of the city's favourite gathering places. The core of the intervention by Lissoni Associati concerns the ground floor of a small building with a Baroque façade and highlights the contrast between the ornate style of the exterior and the elegantly interpreted interior. The structural features resulting from preceding interventions formed the starting point for a project that chose to maintain and enhance these elements rather than conceal them, making the architectural container a neutral component on which to weave a contemporary interpretation of the location's history.
Messina is a stopping point, an international city that has long drawn on the influence of different cultures. The essence of Sicily has been interpreted and narrated through the use of colours and materials that evoke restful and sunny climes, while the exploration of techniques typical of the area and local craftsmanship is revealed in the treatment of the horizontal and vertical surfaces.
The visual identity of the café was entrusted to Lissoni Graphx who realized the new logo, the pay-off and the entire brand image.

Photographer - Santi Caleca

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