Boffi Headquarters
- Lentate sul Seveso

1999 - 2008
Fields of intervention: architecture, interior design

In 1999, Lissoni began working on plans to expand the existing Boffi's headquarters and plant located in the northern Italian city of Lentate sul Seveso. The main aim was to establish a paint shop, security area, warehouse and reception area. The first building phase produced the reception area, which was finished in April 2008. The glass-encased, puristic steel construction was added directly onto the old building. The roof and narrow base are flush with the large glass windows on the sides, and these two components extend past the windows on the right and thus form a sheltered entrance area that is also marked by a large red arrow. Visitors are welcomed at a massive and heavy table made of six welded metal plates which is placed in front of a glass wall within this indirectly lit entry area.

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Photographer - Giovanni Gastel

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