Arborea Itaim
- São Paulo

2020 - ongoing
Fields of intervention: interior design,
landscape design and graphic design

Arborea is a residential project in Itaim, a district of São Paulo in Brazil. The interiors dialogue gracefully with the surrounding architecture. A flowing continuity between inside and outside is already evident from the entrance that is immersed in dense and rich vegetation, gently accompanying visitors into the building. The public areas of the residential tower find inspiration in the forms and styles of Brazilian modernism reinterpreted in a contemporary key and related through the careful use of colours and materials, such as local woods and stones, which accentuate the sophisticated atmospheres. In a continuous interplay between European and local influences, objects and furnishings of contemporary design mix harmoniously with Brazilian vintage and form the backdrop to antiques, works of art by emerging artists and traditional pieces.
The constant presence of vegetation and the light modulated by wooden screens are distinctive elements of the rarefied and evocative atmospheres of the interiors. The project includes the entrance lobby, a large library and lounge overlooked by a sculpture made of woven wood, a gym with a Pilates area and indoor pool in dark stone, a Spa containing a sauna, steam room and ice pool, and a beauty salon for residents. The guest experience is completed outside with a secret garden for outdoor activities and tennis courts. The coordinated identity, from naming to graphics, was conceived by Lissoni Graphx to lend the project further coherence and uniformity.

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