Private Apartment
- Trentino-Alto Adige


The project regards the top-floor apartment of a new construction located in a mountain village in Trentino-Alto Adige, and seeks to realize the client's wish for a holiday home in the midst of nature with a contemporary tailor-made refuge equipped with all the comforts of modern day living.

The heart of the home is formed of an open space with full-height windows that establish an intimate dialogue with the external landscape of woods and mountains – an environment that brings together three interconnected living rooms and a kitchen with dining area. The furnishings and finishes in the common spaces are distinguished by light and neutral colors that complement the owners' collection of artworks, while the kitchen is characterized by contrastingly darker tones.

The night area is more intimate: a collection of fully independent suites, each with its own private bathroom, which give on to the terrace that encircles the entire apartment.
The materials of rustic wood and stone that are typical of mountain homes are here reinterpreted in a contemporary key, while at the entrance, a large custom-made panel re-explores the traditional marquetry of mountain valleys.

Photographer - Tommaso Sartori
Styling - Elisa Ossino Studio

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