Art Basel Collectors Lounge

Discover our fit-out for the Sanlorenzo space inside the Collectors Lounge at Art Basel in Miami Beach.
Lissoni Associati has designed the fit-out for the Sanlorenzo space inside the Collectors Lounge of Art Basel, which takes place from 1st to 4th of December in Miami Beach.
The focus of the installation is the art work of the Chicago-based painter McArthur Binion “DNA: COBALTO”. The choice of cobalt blue ink sourced from Italy represents the connection between the artist’s practice and the deeper and unchartered seafaring world of Sanlorenzo. A series of transversal vertical panels at the entrance leads towards the backlit box containing the work, and like graphic elements they modify the view, inviting the visitor to move inside in order to explore it in its entirety.
In addition to the fit-out, Lissoni Graphx has produced the printed invitation and booklets.

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