Casa Fantini / Opening

Casa Fantini is a hospitality project by Lake Orta, a place of harmony, where landscape, architecture and light blend in a perfect equilibrium.
The common thread is water, always present in all Fantini activities. The hotel, with 11 superior rooms and suites, is overlooking a beautiful secret garden with its own private outdoor pool, facing the lake and the San Giulio island. Pella’s history and Piero Lissoni’s design merge at Blulago Café, to create a unique meeting place: open to the lake community, it features gourmet dishes and designers drinks.The ingredients to Casa Fantini success are a beautiful lake, with its island, a family and a company that has been producing taps for 70 years, and an architect, who has made this dream come true.

Piero Lissoni comments on Casa Fantini “When I started the project, my idea was not to build a hotel, I wanted to make this place a home. As a matter of fact, it cannot be considered a hotel tout court because it has just a few rooms, same as a house would, and it does not have the rhythm of a hotel either, it has a living room and a kitchen, as you would find in every home.Everything has been designed to reinforce the bond between the home feeling, the garden and the water as well as the connection between a completely new building, standing in the middle of historic buildings, and what happens in front of it: the lake is a sort of mirror with San Giulio island, with old buildings from the 17th century onward, old gardens, old trees.”

Casa Fantini has officially opened on September 23rd 2017

Casa Fantini/ lake time
Via Roma 2
Pella, Lake Orta (NO)

Photographer - Giovanni Gastel 
Styling - Elisa Ossino Studio

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