Palazzo Te - Venere divina.
Armonia sulla terra

Palazzo Te, Mantua
21 march – 12 december 2021

For the third consecutive year, Piero Lissoni and Lissoni Associati will be curating the fit-out of Palazzo Te, on this occasion for the exhibition Venere divina. Armonia sulla terra. Composed of three different sections, each dedicated to the goddess Venus and her mythology, it will be opening in stages throughout 2021:

21 march/12 december – Il mito di Venere a Palazzo Te
22 june/5 september – Tiziano. Venere benda Amore
12 september/12 december – Venere. Natura, ombra e bellezza

The graphics project developed by Lissoni Graphx includes the coordinated image (posters and communications material) and the guide to the representations of Venus in the exhibition at Palazzo Te curated by Claudia Cieri Via (a leading international expert in iconography).

The V of Venus was used to define all the visual communications, a majestic monogram characterized by a serif font that is both forceful and decisive and which combines sinuous curves with fragmented lines, conveying the sensual and complex aspects of her character that are brought to the fore in September’s exhibition. As one stage gives way to the next, so the works chosen to depict the figure of Venus change to reflect this.

Photographer - Gian Maria Pontiroli

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