Retail Resort

Fields of intervention: masterplan, architecture
and landscape design

Conceived as a redevelopment project near an airport, this architecture merges into the overall context, enhancing it in the process. The idea is of a symbol immersed in greenery, a commercial resort that is inherently fluid and which includes shops, restaurants, a hotel, a sports medical centre and spaces dedicated to co-working. Its organic form integrates with the surrounding environment like a piece of land art, becoming an iconic form when seen from the air. It is possible to walk along the roof of the structure, taking in the view of the surrounding mountains, the same panorama that can be enjoyed from the inside, thanks to the large windows that extend over the façade. Designed to be fully sustainable, the building harvests energy from the sun and from rainwater and incorporates a natural ventilation system with heating produced by a geothermal heat pump, resulting in zero CO2 emissions.

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