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Lissoni Casal Ribeiro took inspiration from nature and its most inspiring element, the Tree, to develop an architecture that is not simply a building but a complete ecosystem. Like a tree. One that gathers all the energy required from the sun and the wind, that collects water from the rain and transforms the energy from its tensioned cables into electricity to be used by the inhabitants.
This ecosystem provides extensive gardens and cultivated platforms for everyday needs. The tower is configured so as to maximise the functionality of the interior and exterior spaces and guarantee structural efficiency. Starting from an 80x130m urban lot, a main central core hosts the primary functions that are completely surrounded by large hanging gardens supported by an external curtain of steel cables that act as both the structure and the façade design of the tower.
The main idea of this project is to create an ecosystem that will give autonomy and independence to those who “live” this structure, a building that works as a garden city. The functions are distributed vertically, allowing space at the bottom for activities that take advantage of the large garden platforms, while higher up the functions take advantage of the view and life closer to the “sun”. On the lower floors are the public and cultural functions. Immediately above is a kind of garden city with immense cultivated platforms incorporating soilless systems that reduce heavy metal contamination in city-grown food. Above these vegetable gardens is the sports area with ample space to host a huge variety of sports from football to swimming. Over this is a hospital that is also immersed in greenery and is highly equipped to deal with any health emergency.

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