Il Lago in Piazza
- Laveno Mombello


Lissoni Casal Ribeiro designs the new piazza in Laveno & wins first place for the ‘Il Lago in Piazza’ competition held by the Municipality of Laveno Mombello, a small town on the shores of Lake Maggiore.

The remit was to regenerate areas in the historical center overlooking Lake Maggiore and provide a new dynamism that would re-establish a harmonious relationship between the everyday life of the town and the lake. Lissoni Casal Ribeiro took inspiration from the intrinsic symbiosis of Laveno and the water, extending the gentle, sinuous movement of the lake towards the center of Laveno.

Wandering through the new urban space of Via Labiena, Piazza Matteotti and Piazza Caduti del Lavoro, one is drawn towards the water, as if the piazza were naturally sloping towards it.

This new space allows for both a paved area suitable for hosting events and green space that also conserves the existing trees to provide shelter and respite from the increasingly hot summers. The soil for the greenery is permeable, which greatly improves the infiltration of rainwater during the heavy downpours that are an ever more frequent phenomenon of the local climate. A new cycle path has been created which can be further extended in the future to fully embrace the lake. The project is a sustainable development that focuses on slow, responsible tourism, enabling people to fully enjoy the beauty offered by these localities.

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