Galleria Ferrari Tower Square
- Maranello


The project makes explicit and radical choices with the aim of creating an architecture with a clean and well-defined geometry that uses contemporary materials devoid of any superfluous decorative detailing. In so doing, it does not compete with the architecture of the Galleria Ferrari but rather works with it to create a qualitative urban space. The tourist reception area and the prime observation point are grouped into one iconic building that develops seamlessly from ground level to a height of thirty meters. The use of innovative materials such as polycarbonate emphasizes the communicative function of the building. Variously sized cladding panels make up the translucent skin interrupted only by windows opening onto the surrounding countryside, while at night restrained backlighting transforms the building into a luminescent body that lights up the square in front. The backlighting can also be used symbolically, for example red for Ferrari events such as GP victories or special exhibitions. The ground floor housing the tourist reception area faces both the square and the entrance to the Galleria Ferrari, symbolizing the strong bond between the area and its most famous brand.

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