Matteograssi Headquarters
- Giussano

2008 - 2010
Fields of intervention: architecture

The basic concept of the design is a lamp that shines in the darkness of the night. In order to realize this vision, Piero Lissoni designed light-filled office spaces that appear as differently sized boxes set at varying heights onto the dark, street-side façade of the factory building. The front of the office spaces are constructed solely of polycarbonate sheets, a translucent material, while on the adjacent sides the rooms have large windows. The building therefore has two “faces.” During the day it is a light, opaque building that reflects the sun, and at night it is a luminous container that glows from within. The structure of the steel construction is visible behind the polycarbonate when the building is lit at night and this emphasizes the rough, factory-like character of the rest of the edifice. The dramatic lighting effects are underscored by the contrasting exterior walls of the main building, which are in black painted cement. 

Photographer - Oskar da Riz

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