Language Symphony
- London


Language Symphony is Lissoni Casal Ribeiro proposal for an iconic museum in London that will celebrate, curate and spread the languages of the world. Using multiple elements, technological instruments project thousands of commonly used symbols that create a new movement, an evolution, determining a collective system. The innovative building transforms universality into intimacy to re-establish language as a cognitive and conscious means of global communication.

Language Symphony is a center of a new global community where the deconstruction of language can be lived, a cultural heritage can be remembered and new forms of relationships can be fostered. Using various symbols that define an experiential process, the building interacts with its visitors, challenging them, delving into their memories to teach of a future and to take them far from a time in which virtual reality almost precludes any visual or sensorial experience of language.

2018 - Honorable mention at The Museum of Language international competition by Archasm

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