Fantini Headquarters
- Pella

2017 - 2018
Fields of intervention: architecture, interior design
and landscape design

The company Fantini is situated in a truly magnificent location on the banks of Lake Orta. An exceptional place that is probably without equal and where the need to maintain a balance between the presence of the factory and the unique surrounding nature presented a major challenge, and it was for this reason that the project to enlarge the company was both complex and very delicate.

The project represents a striking and very innovative example of how industrial buildings can be successfully integrated into the natural landscape.
The premise of the project was to reorganize both the company's production processes and logistics to incorporate lean manufacturing systems together with the R&D department that was brought inside the company so as to safeguard technical and design know-how.

Enhancement of side facing the lake formed the basis of the architectural project, an aspect of the factory and offices that had never previously been addressed.

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2018 - Winner Best of Year "Kitchen and Bath Showroom category"
2020 - BIGSEE Architecture Award Winner – Public and Commercial Architecture category

Photographer - Simone Bossi

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