MarePineta Resort
- Milano Marittima

2010 - 2014
Fields of intervention: architecture, interior design

For almost a century the Hotel MarePineta has welcomed figures from the world of culture, industry, politics and entertainment, attracted by the extensive parklands that surround the hotel, the numerous tennis courts and the extensive beach. In 2010 the Salaroli family decided to launch a major renovation of both the building and the adjoining space in order to transform the MarePineta into a truly five-star hotel, and on this occasion Lissoni designed all the furniture, interior and architecture, embodying a style that expresses both simplicity and elegance.
The first phase of the works was concluded in 2011 and involved the reorganization of the vast private beach to provide 400 sunbeds and canopied beds, beach cabanas and gazebos. In addition, the bar, restaurant and lounge area of the beach were entirely redesigned and are now characterized by a capacious white pergola. In 2012, all the public areas on the ground floor of the old building were completed: the new lobby, the cocktail bar, pastry shop, business and conversation lounges. The reception was also enlarged with a new pavilion in glass and metal enclosing an internal patio that becomes a link with the old building. 2014 saw the completion of a new three-floor edifice to supplement the main building.

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Photographer - Cesare Chimenti

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