Parc Hotel Billia
- Saint Vincent

2010 - 2013
Fields of intervention: architecture, interior design

The Parc Hotel Billia dialogues between modernity and the artisan traditions of stone, metal and wood. The façade of the Parc Hotel Billia comprises wooden slats and large window openings. 
The staggered windows of the rooms create a visual play that bestows a dynamic equilibrium onto the outer wall, turning 
it into a large painting. Each room has been designed with a small balcony that appears to extend the space and from which one can gaze out onto the mountains or down into the valley. The furnishings in all the rooms have been exclusively designed for the resort 
by Lissoni.
The architecture is designed with large windows protected 
and shaded by a weave of rough planks inspired by the houses 
of the valley's Walser community. 

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Photographer - Tommaso Sartori

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    - Parc Hotel Billia, Saint Vincent Resort

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