Fondazione Palazzo Te
- Venere divina. Armonia sulla terra


For the third consecutive year, Lissoni Associati has curated the fit-out of Palazzo Te. The exhibition Venere divina. Armonia sulla terra is composed of three different sections, each dedicated to the goddess Venus and her mythology:

Il mito di Venere a Palazzo Te

Tiziano. Venere benda Amore

Venere. Natura, ombra e bellezza

Simple, pure and organized volumes distinguish the fit-out by Lissoni Associati, disengaging it from the majestic context and enabling the exhibited works to “speak” for themselves without any structural interference, while also allowing a clear interpretation and perception of the spaces of the grandiose Palazzo Te. The choice of dark green rather than the neutral tones that normally distinguish the stylistic code of Lissoni seems rather unusual, but here has the function of expressing emotion and establishing a close connection to the curatorial nature of the project.

Lissoni Associati has been an active supporter and partner of the Fondazione Palazzo Te in Mantua since 2018 and was responsible for curating the fit-out for this exhibition.

Photographer - Thomas Pagani

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