Fondazione Palazzo Te
- Le pareti delle meraviglie

Corami di corte tra i Gonzaga e l’Europa

"Le pareti delle meraviglie. Corami di corte tra i Gonzaga e l’Europa" curated by Augusto Morari presents a collection of corami, wall hangings of decorated leather that were once very fashionable but which have long since disappeared from use.

The fit-out for this exhibition was developed by Lissoni Associati and conceived as a modular system that draws attention onto the corami, those decorative wall linings that once adorned the residences of the nobility. Spatially, the structure is defined by simple and modular geometric elements that can be composed in different ways, resulting in a flexible system that can be easily adapted to the requirements of each exhibit. Arranged in seven sections, the exhibition will retrace the fascinating history of corami and their prevalence in the period from the late 15th to the mid-17th century.

Lissoni Associati has been an active supporter and partner of the Fondazione Palazzo Te in Mantua since 2018 and was responsible for curating the fit-out for this exhibition.

Photographer - Maria Pontiroli

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