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Università degli Studi di Milano - Cortile d’Onore

Placed on the grass at the centre of the Cortile d’Onore, the installation recalls the industrial nature of the shipyard and the structures used for shipbuilding. It is a large piece of scaffolding in which a pathway composed of ramps in textured galvanized sheet leads to a platform in nautical wood that recalls the form and materials of a ship’s deck. It recreates the experience of boarding a yacht with its view from above, made more spectacular at night by the inbuilt LED lights.

“It’s as if we’ve brought a piece of the dockyard, the place where boats are assembled, into the courtyard of the Università Statale. Yachts appear almost to be born of themselves, but the truth is that behind the scenes lies the work of many people, in addition to the research, know-how and technology of a complex industrial reality. For me, the aim of this project is to reveal precisely this aspect.” Piero Lissoni

Photographer - Simone Bossi

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