NCL Norwegian Pr1ma
- The Haven


The Haven is an exclusive area inside the Norwegian cruise ship Pr1ma and comprises eight decks with 107 suites and public spaces all with sea views – a lounge area, a restaurant and two bars, one internal and one external.

With a clear residential matrix, the interiors are characterized by welcoming and intimate environments to provide guests with a highly personalized experience, allowing them to feel as if they were the true owners of the space and in their own home.

Art déco inspirations and references to French decorative styles dialogue with colourful contemporary elements and modern, custom-made furniture, while the meticulous selection of materials and finishes envelope and add warmth to the spaces. The vertical surfaces wallpapered in a sage green fabric confer a relaxed atmosphere.

Green is an important presence in both the reception area and in the bar, while the lounge areas are arranged around a “winter garden” with full height shelving as if in a private living room.

The Haven restaurant is characterized by backlit volumes in ribbed glass and by large lanterns which further enhance the charm of the space.

The Haven is a custom-designed refuge inside the large ship that puts the human dimension and the experience of the voyage at the very centre.

Photographer - Francesco Carreda
Styling - vandersandestudio

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