Hotel AKA Alexandria
- Alexandria

2021 - 2023
Fields of intervention: interior design

The project involved giving a new identity to an existing building: the facade is now characterized by an elegant anthracite grey, while the openings and windows have been redesigned, as has the space in front which is now defined by gardens and public spaces.

The interiors play on the contrast between classic and contemporary, while also offering a sophisticated reinterpretation of the colonial style that is characteristic of this area. The introduction of references to Japanese design purposely establishes a link with the AKA project in New York, which was developed together with the same client.

Responding to certain structural constraints, the forms have been remodelled and the spaces redesigned into intercommunicating compartments, each with its specific function. Great attention was also paid to the lighting project, which was conceived to create welcoming and relaxing environments.

Certain architectural elements that are intrinsic to the design language of the studio become key features in the design, such as the double-height sculptural staircase that connects the reception area to the suspended garden on the first floor.

Artworks - Sabine Pigalle, Mineheart limited, Antonio Murado

2023 - Best of the Year Award - Domestic Hotel Transformation 

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