- SP110


The SP110 is a two-deck yacht with a truly innovative layout, allowing the spaces to be used in a variety of ways to deliver an interior and exterior comfort that is unequalled on a yacht of this type. The design of the interiors satisfies the need both for conviviality and for privacy and the interior volumes of the cabins and private areas are generously proportioned.

On the upper deck, the large sun deck is completed by the bridge overlooking the bow, while the lower deck enjoys a view of the stern living area and the sea. Outside, looking inwards from the aft deck, one has a view of the lounge on the main deck. These solutions together evidence the synergy that has been created between the interior and exterior environments.

One of the most particular aspects of the design is the bow area, equipped with an extended dinette and large sunbathing area that can also be enjoyed when the yacht is at anchor, taking full advantage of the sea breeze.

"I tried to bring to this boat, with its streamlined form, the same approach that I took with the other models: open spaces, connection between interior and exterior, and a great deal of technology. One of the central elements is the double height at the stern, which allows the main deck to communicate with the lounge below via a hyper-technological staircase." - Piero Lissoni

2022 - Winner "Superyacht oltre i 24 m LH" at the Design Innovation Awards

Photographers - Erik Levfander and Guillaume Plisson
Styling - vandersandestudio

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