B&B Italia Showroom
- Novedrate


The project starts from the idea of wanting to give voice to the industrial soul, emphasizing its architectural structure and designing the showroom within as an enormous theatre space. The spaces were expanded and new colors were chosen, while the floor in cement allows it to integrate effortlessly with other materials and objects (fabrics, carpets, etc.), because the aim is to rotate the products frequently and propose ever new settings. Light is a fundamental element of the project, and the choice focusses on a selection of decorative lamps to produce warm and homely settings for the products from the collection. At the same time, the space is flanked by backlit walls to offer a surprise effect. Lastly, the gardens and plants work to connect and create a dialogue between the interior and the exterior in seamless continuity.
“I designed the space as if it were an enormous theatre where the products take turns on the stage. I extended the surfaces and worked with the light to produce an effect that is singular and dreamlike. Then I used the gardens as a bond between the interior and exterior spaces.” Piero Lissoni

Photographer - Santi Caleca, Matteo Imbriani
Styling - Francesca Santambrogio

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