The Ritz-Carlton Residences
- Pompano Beach


The project of Lissoni New York regards the interior of two residential towers: one facing the ocean and the other overlooking the yacht marina. Maintaining the same language but defined individually so as to lend a specific character to each building, the aim was to design environments that were comfortable and welcoming, sophisticated places for relaxation and socialization, introducing a new lifestyle opportunity for the area of Pompano Beach.
In the east tower, the connection and dialogue with the ocean are amplified right from the entrance by the presences of large pools that flank the approach to the reception. The contemporary design defined by pure lines and forms is expressed through natural materials and light colors with touches of rich blue, while in the west tower the hues are slightly darker. The inspirations for both buildings come from the nautical world and from the warm and Mediterranean atmosphere of a yacht club, while the detailed and almost theatrical lighting design is also elemental in cultivating intimate and welcoming environments. Large glazed volumes define the spaces and appear to bring the lush Caribbean nature indoors.

The landscape design is closely tied to the locality and highlights exotic native species that interplay with the clean and linear geometry of the hardscape, producing a sinuous terrain which calls to mind the forms of desert dunes.

Both inside and outside, water is a central element that dialogues continually with the architecture, becoming a part of it and generating pathways and connections in the process.

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