Benetton Concept Store
- Istanbul

Fields of intervention: architecture, interior design

Given that the new building is located in an earthquake zone and was also subject to strict urban planning regulations, severe limits were placed on the concept. Steel and concrete were used for the construction of the building due to their elasticity and load-bearing capacity, while the façade is clad with Corten steel plates, making it possible to substantially reduce the thickness of the façade and therefore also the weight of the building itself. In addition, the weather-resistant nature of the material prevents corrosion and its surface confers a striking appearance to the building. 
The approximately 2,000 sqm of floor space are distributed over eight floors—five above ground and three below. The underlying concept for the design is that of a bureau with irregularly stacked, open drawers. The large windows facing Baghdad Avenue appear like large, irregularly placed monitors that reveal the content of the building to the city. 
The interior spaces of the eight floors are generously proportioned and full of light. Constructed with walls of glass, the café on the fourth floor is surrounded by a terrace on all sides, where guests can enjoy a particularly beautiful view of the Asian district of Istanbul.

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Photographer - Lorenzo Jucker

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