Private Loft
- Monza

2006 - 2008
Fields of intervention: interior design

Originally a private theatre situated inside a courtyard in the town centre. The project afforded the opportunity to work with the well-preserved ornamentation of the theatre and integrate it into a contemporary renovation, adding more space through the generation of a “living container”. Piero Lissoni's search for new materials led him to white concrete, a mix of white cement and crushed marble, and the result is an opaque material that underscores the elegant, purist atmosphere of the entire loft. With its ensuite bathroom and generous walk-in closet, the master bedroom on the upper floor provides a sheltered retreat within the otherwise open building, while on the opposite side of the spacious interior there is a further bedroom with bathroom and closet. An imposing black metal staircase leads up to these rooms and serves as a backdrop for the living area on the ground floor. The furnishings bring together a mix of folkloric and modern elements. The striking interior garden is contained within a newly constructed glass tower, allowing natural light to enter from the windows and large skylight and becoming the pivotal feature of the living area. 

Photographer - Joachim Wichmann

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