Living Divani Headquarters
- Anzano del Parco

2002 - 2007
Fields of intervention: architecture, interior design

Situated in the industrial zone of Anzano del Parco near Lake Como, expansion of the company's headquarters involved the entire main frontage, where the new offices and the showroom are located.
The decisive component of the design includes plates of U-glass mounted onto the galvanized steel structure of the building. These plates extend horizontally across the entire frontage and are installed in front of a traditional glass façade. Placed at irregular intervals along the façade, the individual panes are 3.3 meters long and recall musical notes or scores. Throughout the day the interior spaces of the new building are flooded with shifting sunlight that is broken up by the glass plates. The offices and a reception area are positioned on the ground floor, while an elegant stairway situated behind the glass façade leads to the showroom on the first floor. The stairs take on a wing-like appearance reflecting the overall sense of lightness inherent in the building.

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Photographers - Oskar da Riz and Tommaso Sartori

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