Porro Showroom
- Milan


The new showroom was conceived as a pure and linear white box, with its six windows resembling monitors that look over the city. Extending over two floors, it emerges as a conceptual place of enterprise and energy.

The stairwell connecting the mezzanine on the first floor becomes the fulcrum of the space: a parallelepiped featuring a full-height mirror with a backlit opaline background and which embraces the suspended white sheet metal staircase that appears as a work of origami.

On the first floor, the parapet of white metal mesh defines the limits of the mezzanine while allowing the spaces to dialogue.

“Porro is a company that has always sought to redraw boundaries by constantly adopting different creative spectrums. After almost twenty years in via Durini, we have once again changed the rules, deciding to move to a completely unexpected place, one that is very visible and with a particularly distinctive architecture". Piero Lissoni

Photographer - Sfelab
Styling - Elisa Ossino Studio

Thanks to: Archivio Alessandro Mendini, Francesco Ballestrazzi, Michela Cattai, Matteo di Ciommo, Corriani Edizioni, Flos, Golran 1898, Antonia Jannone,  Skira Editore, Slow Costume.

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