Grand Hotel Billia
- Saint Vincent

2010 - 2013
Fields of intervention: architecture, interior design

The project redesigns the existing complex that grew around the old building modelled by the engineer Pietro Agosti and commissioned by Stefano Billia in 1900. The contemporary building of the 4-star Park Hotel was the subject of a major internal and external refurbishment. Each of the 113 deluxe rooms and 6 suites was redesigned, as were the public and connecting areas. Characterized by large windows, all the external walls were clad with a new ventilated skin of wood panels. The Grand Hotel Billia maintains the existing layout. Externally, all the existing volumes relating to the activities of the facility were redesigned and substituted while fully respecting the original building. A thin metal structure was used together with large panes of glass to reshape the reception entrance and the two adjacent volumes. The alignments of the new intervention allow the original façade to be visible once more while inside, on the ground floor, the original decorations and fittings have been restored. 

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Photographer - Tommaso Sartori

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