Private Villa 
- The Netherlands

Fields of intervention: architecture, interior design, landscape design

The project for a private residence in the Netherlands is incorporated within a Nordic style house dating from 1927, delicately reinterpreting its complexity and establishing a dialogue between the original architectural matrix and the contemporary additions that is both respectful and complementary.

The intervention on the façade is characterized by a pure glass volume linked to the original building, which connects the living room and kitchen with the outdoor garden and the canal. The large, full height sliding glass doors establish a seamless relationship between the interior and exterior.

The contemporary style of the architecture can also be seen in the pitched roof with the introduction of box elements in black sheet metal that contrast with the geometry of the steep incline, typical of Nordic roofs.

Inside, the pavilion on the ground floor is conceived as an open-plan space into which solid volumes have been introduced, such as the fireplace and the staircase that winds upwards through the five levels of the house.

“This house very delicately reinterprets the complexity of a Dutch building. Almost as if the project was inspired by Escher, there are spaces that merge into each other, staircases that lead somewhere... But above all we used a dual language, so while we sought to respect the original architecture as far as possible, we also integrated elements that are ultra contemporary: large glass alcoves, glazed surfaces where possible and unexpected spaces such as a secret sunken patio.” - Piero Lissoni 

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Photographer - Kasia Gatkowska

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