Glas Italia Headquarters
- Macherio

2005 - 2011
Fields of intervention: architecture, interior design

The signature feature of the 10,000 square-meter building is its external cladding, which encompasses both the pre-existing parts of the structure and a completely new complex. The façade is punctuated at irregular intervals by narrow, black steel, window frame insets with horizontal glass lamellas. These provide an additional source of natural light and contribute to the pleasant circulation of air inside the building. On the north side of the building, two cubic structures made of sandblasted, reinforced slab concrete dominate the headquarters, a reference to the Italian architect Carlo Scarpa.
Employees and visitors enter the building through the main entrance, an opening in the façade, behind which lies an open-air atrium and garden with a small pond and green area planted with trees. A wooden walkway leads to the light-flooded reception area with glass windows extending the full height of the building. Here, an imposing stairway made of black steel and glass captures the attention and leads to the first floor, where the offices, meeting rooms, cafeteria and showroom are situated.

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Photographers - Cesare Chimenti and Giovanni Gastel

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