Mamilla Hotel
- Jerusalem

2006 - 2009
Fields of intervention: architecture, interior design

The Mamilla Hotel opened in the summer of 2009 and is situated in the very centre of Jerusalem, in close proximity to the Citadel of David and the Jaffa Gate, the historic entrance to the city.
The approximately 15,400 square meter Mamilla Hotel extends for eight stories. Piero Lissoni was responsible for overseeing the complete interior design of the guestrooms and suites, bars, restaurants, lobby and spa. (ha senso metterlo in architettura?) The design concept placed great emphasis on the lighting in combination with contemporary furniture and state of the art acoustics. The hotel consists of an old and a new structure and is closely connected with the history of Jerusalem. The old section was reconstructed using the old stones of the historic building that previously occupied the site. This natural and resilient stone and thus also the warm, sandy colours of Jerusalem carry through the entire hotel, with the atmosphere further enhanced by historic maps of the city decorating the walls. 
The 210 rooms, along with the public areas, are distributed over the building’s eight floors above ground and the two below. The main architectural component is the untreated sheet steel staircase, resembling a giant origami sculpture.

2016 - “Meilleur hotel du Moyen Orient”, Prix Villégiature

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Photographer - Amit Geron

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